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Acryl Resin Plant

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Chemical Reactor Plant to produce Acrylic Resin used as Material for making Industrial Paints, Automobile Paints, Papers, Textile Paints and Acrylic Adhesive for Various Applications.


※ System Component : 

   1) Monomer Tank(w/Jacket) & Agitator 

   2) Solvent Tank 

   3) Catalyst Tank(w/Jacket) & Agtitator 

   4) Vertical/Horizontal Condenser 

   5) Reactor(w/Jacket or Coil) & Agitator 

   6) Thinning Tank(w/Jacket) & Agitator 

   7) Supply System of Utilities (HW, CW, CHW, N2, Air, Vacuum & etc.) 





Hanseong Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Professional Chemical Plant Supplier, such as "Color Dosing System", to mix the color agent accurately with paint and ink, "Swing Dissolver" and "Mixer" of various type, and also Chemical Resin Plant including "Acrylic Adhesive". Hanseong is a Leader of this industry with superior technology and enough experience and can supply "Turn Key base Service", including engineering, manufacturing, installation and start up to the customer, and recently extend the capacity to the global market.



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Acryl Reactor

Acryl Reactor

Acryl Reactor